Portuguese Podengo lovers grow in Europe
Podengo Portugues Club Switzerland 
officially created

First Podengos in Switzerland

It was officially created in Switzerland, December 2003, the Podengo Portugues Club Switzerland - PPCS -. 
The first official event of the Club took place in June 2004 in the Bulle Dog Show, where the Portuguese judge Fernando Madeira Rodrigues evaluated the present Podengos, which joined for the event that was the first Portuguese Podengo meeting in Switzerland.
After the show it took place an evening reunion between the Club members and breed lovers present. 
The Club president is Marliese Müller, from the famous Romanow kennel, known by the Spanish Greyhound and Whippet and now introduced Portuguese Podengo Wire Miniature in that country. 
It is the fourth exclusive breed Club to be created out of Portugal after Finland, England and USA.

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