Portuguese Podengo organizations around the world

 There are four foreign clubs exclusively dedicated to the Portuguese Podengo: The  Finnish Portuguese Podengo Association, the Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA), the English Portuguese Podengo Club and the Portuguese Podengo Club Switzerland.
France and Germany also have organized the breeders, around associations that congregate several primitive breeds. 
To unite all the organizations around common objectives and to  uniform criteria, the Club is implementing the " Lisbon Protocol" (integral text on below), already undersign by three from the mention Clubs.
Finish Assotiation signing the Lisbon Protocol 

Finnish Portuguese  Podengo Assotiation

Founded in 1997, the Finnish Association of Portuguese Podengo is the most expressive breed organization. In 2004 it had more than 300 members in that country. It is the largest community of Portuguese Podengos out of Portugal with dozens of titles reached in several countries and World and Europe Champions as well. The first Podengos in this country came in 1990. This association, as about 60 associated and has a Committee for the Breed Improvement. 

      USA Club at Lisbon Protocol


Portuguese Podengo Club of America

The Portuguese Podengo Club of America, PPCA, was founded in January 2003, to promote the breed in the USA and organize the different owners and breeders, whose numbers are growing each year. The constitution of this Club coincided with the birth in American soil of the first descending broods of Portuguese dogs. The majority are the wire-haired miniature variety.In 2004 there were around 50 Podengos. 

British Club  signing the Lisbon Protocol 


English Portuguese Podengo Club

Since October 1, 2003 the Portuguese Podengo was recognized officially by the Kennel Club. This effort it was made by Betty Judge from Plushcourt kennels. Betty imported the Portuguese Podengo into Great Briatin and  was the motivating factor in  the creation of the English  Portuguese Podengo Club. There were almost 50 Podengos in GB in 2004. 

Podengo Portugues Club Switzerland

It was officially created in Switzerland, December 2003, the Podengo Portugues Club Switzerland - PPCS -.
The Club president is Marliese Müller, from the famous Romanow kennel, known by the Spanish Greyhound and Whippet and now introduced Portuguese Podengo Wire Miniature in that country. 
It is the fourth exclusive breed Club to be created out of Portugal after Finland, England and USA.

DWZRD gather German breeders 

In Germany the Podengo breeders are associated to to DWZRD, that have about 6 breeders with more than 50 Podengos registry. This country, counts on several national and international champions. On the same weekend of the Mediterranean Breeds Annual Speciality and Podengo Monográfica, the president of the Portuguese Podengo Club, Vítor Veiga and Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne, president of DWZRV, signed the Lisbon Protocol, instrument that regulates and promotes the articulation and cooperation among all of the Podengo Clubs of the world.       

Other organized groups 

Other breeder organizations exist in France where the breeders join bigger associations, that include several primitive breeds and greyhounds simultaneously. In France the representative organization is the SLAG. There exists a primitive breeds section. There are about 10 breeders, including Gerard Calendrin, breed judge, from the kennel" La FolieMyosotis ". There is one Portuguese  and several France champions, along with other international titles. In 2004 there were a total of 17 French champions, among other international, World and European titles. There are about 100 Portuguese Podengos, being most being the smooth small variety. 
Other breeders and owners are also present in Denmark, Holland and Sweden, where the Portuguese Podengo begins to have great acceptance. 

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(integral text)

The Podengo Português Clube, as the representative of the Breed in Portugal and in keeping with its Articles of Association and Regulations, is pleased to propose this present protocol, establishing its terms and inviting all Clubs representing the Breed in other countries to subscribe to the protocol and to comply with its objectives.


As the promoter of the protocol, the Clube do Podengo Português aims to ensure the internationalization of the Podengo Português as a Portuguese breed.
This present protocol is subscribed by Clubs representing the Breed in an inter pares relationship.
The aim of this protocol is not to create a supra-national entity, but merely to govern the multilateral relations between the subscribing Clubs in their cooperation in the defense of the Podengo Português and of the official Standard of the Clube Português de Canicultura recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Article 1

The object of this present protocol is to guide the activity of the subscriber Clubs in improving, divulging, and enhancing the Podengo Português as a breed in the following manner:
a) promoting the perfecting of the Breed in its several varieties, in keeping with and with regard for the Breed Standard adopted by the Clube Português de Canicultura;
b) jointly or separately organizing shows, contests and working trials with a view to promoting the Breed;
c) organizing technical training for its associates through conventions, congresses and inter-club meetings; and
d) promoting multi-lingual publications of a technical nature, books and rules of interpretation of the Standard and guidelines for the breeding and selection of the Breed.

Article 2

1. All Clubs representing the Breed may subscribe to this present protocol, it being sufficient for the purpose to submit a written request to the effect to the Clube do Podengo Português, the protocol to take full effect upon its signature.
2. All subscribers may freely denounce this present protocol, written communication addressed to the Clube do Podengo Português being sufficient for the purpose.

Article 3

1. Every two years, within the scope of the object of the Protocol, the Clube do Podengo Português shall organize a meeting between the associates of the subscriber Clubs in order to discuss matters of interest to the Breed, the meeting to be held in conjunction with the Podengo Monographic Exhibition in Portugal.
2. Any of the subscriber Clubs may apply to organize similar meetings in their own countries and, for the purpose, shall hold an exhibition at the same time, the application to hold such interclub meeting shall be submitted in writing to the Clube do Podengo Português for circulation to the other associates. 
3. Applications shall be lodged during the year prior to that of the meeting and shall indicate the place and date. The organizing Club will establish the conditions of participation and the agenda of the event.
4. The meetings shall be known as International Podengo Português Club Meeting. 

Article 4

1. Within the scope of the object of the protocol, a special international title is created, to be awarded during the exhibition to be held at the time of the meeting, designed to enhance the prestige of the winning dog/bitch and to lend to the meeting the importance that it should warrant of all the lovers of the breed.
2. The title shall be awarded to the best dog/bitch proclaimed in each variety at the exhibition organized in conjunction with each IPPC Meeting. The winner must be aged more than 15 months and have been awarded at least a qualification of Excellent. This title will be awarded at least every two years at the Monographic Exhibition in Portugal and may be awarded at IPPC Meetings held in other countries. 
3. In the event that the meeting is organized by a foreign Club, the winners shall be determined at the exhibition held at the same time, under the terms of the foregoing number, but they must cumulatively obtain a qualification of Excellent at the monographic exhibition organized each year by the Clube do Podengo Português, the title not to be handed over until this requirement has been met.
4. The title shall be known as Podengo Português Inter-Clubs Champion (InterCPP Champion).

Article 5

No alteration to this present protocol shall be made without the unanimous agreement of the subscriber Clubs.

Article 6

The original protocol in Portuguese is the official version and shall be used as the interpretative version in the event of doubt, and it is also translated into English.

The parties accept this present protocol and subscribe to it without reserve, signing the original and as many copies as there are subscribers. 

Lisbon, June 21, 2003

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