Portuguese's Podengo Club

It was founded in January of 1990, gathering the most significant Portuguese breeders, to defend and promote the Portuguese Podengo. More important it has been the effort to gather and to support all the owners that are devoted to Podengo Português. 

A training field as been created to allow associates to prepare their dogs for hunt. Ihe training field is located in Sobral of Monte Agraço and contains 25 ha. 

The Club organizes annually the Specialty Show which has a large number of participants . The most recent show had more than one hundred dogs and more than 30 national and international exhibitors, in a great expression of the breed internationalisation. This annual reunion allows for the fellowship among associates and provides a Young Handler Contest as an incentive for the youth. 

CPP pavilion at the World Dog Show 2001
The Club motivates and supports regional contests, increases locally the breed, and accepts registrations for the Initial Registry Book. It also promotes genetic improvement.   Periodically the Club sponsors contests. Penafiel, Amarante, Sobralde Monte Agraço, Gradil and Large Hunt Packs, are among some of those events. 

A future objective of the Club will be to become responsible for the Initial Registry Book. This will help to insure the Club's finances and to make possible a campaign to increase  Podengos in all the national territory. 

An immediate objective is the partnership with the Portuguese Large Hunt Packs Association to help the Podengo Grande survival. 

Other goals will be the implementation of the Work Trial and the creation of an Associative Hunt Reserve for CPP Associates. 

The relationship with international Podengo groups is growing each year. This is due to the breed growth outside of the Portuguese borders. This is also made possible by the new technologies and the closeness  that allows. 

The "Lisbon Protocol" is being implemented. It intends to unite all of the international organizations around common goals and criteria that will defend and promote the Portuguese Podengo. The internet CPP site, as well as a mail discussion group where more than one hundred breed lovers change information daily, was started in 2004. 

The Book "Podengo Português", authored by Club president Vitor Veiga, is translated in English and German. It has contributed to the promotion and knowledge of the Podengo. Therefore preserving the breed characteristics for the future. 

All Portuguese Podengo lovers can become members. Just contact: 

Clube do Podengo Português 
Avenida Almeida Garrett - Quinta dos Pizões - 
2710-567 Sintra, Portugal
Email: vitorveigaadvog@netcabo.pt

                      Web: http://www.clubedopodengoportugues.com
                                       telf: (00351) 969025062

President:  Vitor Veiga (4)
Vice-presidents:  Maria José Cavalleri Martinho (2), António Rogado (5), Henrique Tavares Passadinhas (3) and Luis Gorjão Henriques da Cunha (1)
(from left to right)

Photo from the current Club´s board direction
(from left to right) Vice-president Henrique Tavares Passadinhas, Vice-president Maria José Cavalleri Martinho
President Vitor Veiga, Vice-president Luis Gorjão Henriques, Vice-president Miguel Sabino

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