Breed success at the biggest dog show in the world

Portuguese Podengo present
at Crufs 2004 - GB

 Betty Judge and the pack at Crufts 
Took place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, Great Britain, 4 to 7 March, the 115th Crufts Show 2004, considered the Greatest Dog Show in the World.
There where present more than 24000 dogs from 200 breeds with 130.000 visitors
This was the second time the Portuguese Podengo had been on Public Display ever in the United Kingdom at Crufs Discover Dogs section. All Kennel Club recognised breeds where allocated a Breed Booth, which was decorated with pictures and information on the Portuguese Podengo.
In 2003 the Portuguese Podengo was also present in November 22 and 23 also with great success.
At Crufts dog show (where the Podengos have been invited to attend again) there is a Discover Dogs area where each breed is allocated a breed booth to enable to educate and advise potential dog owners about any particular breed. At Crufts the Breed Stands where there for four days.
The Podengo Booth at Discover Dogs was packed by interested people all day long. Several people coming back time after time, having fallen in love with the breed. Over 800 Leaflets giving information on the breed were taken from the booth. 
The Podengos took to show the breed off, were very good ambassadors of the breed, and behaving so well. They are from the main breeder in UK, Ms. Betty Judge, that is the responsible to introduce the breed in this country.
There is already working the English Portuguese Podengo Club, that manage to get approved the breed standard at Kennel Club. Soon the breed will spread by the country and will manage to compete in official shows. 

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