Barcelona Euro Dog Show  2004
The New European Portuguese Podengos Champion in Spain


                                        Zero de Veiros                                                                                        Catita de Veiros
Took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 4 to June 6 the "Euro Dog Show" 2004, under the organization of the Spanish Kennel Club. About 8 thousand dogs where presented, having been BIS the Newfoundland "Treepond Council Cup Bogart" from Italy.  
9 Portuguese Podengos were registry: 3 Big Wire, 1 Big Smooth, 2 Medium Wire, 1 Small Wire and 2 Smooth.  
João Paulo Bessa from Portugal was the judge.

Portuguese Podengo European Champions 2004:

  • JOCKER DO CAMPO DO BOLÃO, (M), Big Wire, Best Breed Puppy
  • ZERO DE VEIROS, (M), Medium Wire, BOB
  • CATITA DE VEIROS, (F), Medium Wire, BOS
  • KAWASAKY DA PRAIA DO RIBATEJO, (F), Small Smooth (Junior), BOB.
  • ILHEU DA PRAIA DO RIBATEJO (M), Small Smooth (Classe Aberta), BOS

Joker do Campo do Bolão

Kawasaky da Praia do Ribatejo

Photos 1 e 2 Veiros Kennel :
Photos 3 e 4 Karl Donvil: /
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