Small Portuguese Podengo Wire-Haired from Finland
Marella Jarra is the new PP International Champion


A small wire-haired Portuguese Podengo bitch named Marella Jarra from Finland became International Champion. She was BOB and got her final CACIB in the international dog show at Lahti, Finland, April 2002. She is FIN&N&S CH, NORDW-01 and FINW-01.
The judge in this latest show was Lydia Erhart from Holland. Here is her showcritique about Jarra: "Almost 3 years. Excellent type. Lovely head and expression. Good eyes, ears and mouth. Well angulated. Excellent body. Good coat and tail."
Jarra owners are  Tuija and Petri Hynynen and the breeder is Hannu Mutanen from 
Kennel Marella, in Finland.

Jarra's CACIB's:   (time, place; judge)

22.04.01 Narvik, Norway; Kari Engh, Norway
30.06.01 Seinajoki, Finland; Matti Tuominen, Finland
07.07.01 Byske, Sweden; Martha Heine, Germany
12.07.01 Tuusula, Finland (Norden Winner-01 show); Gunnel Holm, Finland
05.08.01 Kuopio, Finland; Marianne Baden, Denmark
13.10.01 Oulu, Finland; Rita v.Mechelin, Belgium
17.11.01 Jyvaskylä, Finland; Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland
08.12.01 Helsinki, Finland (Finnish Winner-01 show); Davor Javor, Croatia
05.01.02 Kajaani, Finland; Gunnel Holm, Finland
27.04.02 Lahti, Finland; Lydia Erhart, Holland

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