Almost 50 dogs registry in Great Britain

Kennel Club recognize the Portuguese Podengo 

     Plushcourt Borboleto: first generation
From the 1st of October 2003, the Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound) is officially recognised by the British Kennel Club.
There are now 35 Officially Registered Podengos small wire-haired with the U.K. Kennel Club, which includes Podengo Puppies born in the U.K. 
This achievement was possible tanks to the breeder Betty Judge, from Plushcourt Kennel, that already registry the first Plushcourt puppies descending from imported dogs from Portugal in the last 2 years.
It was also applied the Interim Breed Standard to the UK Kennel Club, so Podengo can be exhibited in the U.K hopefully in 2004. 
The Portuguese Podengo Club of Great Britain (proposed) is also born, and will welcome applications from Podengo enthusiasts to become members from anywhere in the World. 

Constancia Plushcourt    
Already there are many interested and respected dog people in the U.K. recognising the qualities of the Podengo, which already visited the Plushcourt Kennel to see the Podengo Family.
According with the breeder Betty Judge “This is just the beginning...a New Birth... A BIG Thank you to all the Wonderful Podengo Breeders of Portugal who have been so generous with their help, advice and encouragement, especially allowing me to have this fantastic breed and some of their Best Dogs and bloodlines to establish the breed here”. Although the Podengo is recognised by the British Kennel Club, there is still along way to go.
Now the Breed Standard must be approved (which not be quick) and published in the Kennel Gazette as an Interim Breed Standard, and only then can the breed be shown in the Import Classes. 
Depending on how quickly the Podengo becomes popular, will determine on how quickly the breed comes off the Import Register into the Rare Breeds Register, where a breed is allowed to have it’s own Breed Classes. Only when the Podengo is fully established and with a large gene pool will the Podengo be allowed to receive Challenge Certificates, which would lead to the title of U.K. Champion Title.

     Betty Judge 
Already there are several enthusiasts of the Podengo that started to evolve the Portuguese Podengo Club of Great Britain. This new Club must also apply for Registration of Title to the Kennel Club, which when granted for a new breed, will be classed as a Provisional Club, until the Breed comes off the Import Register. 
Podengos will not be able to exhibit at Crufts for some time. But at Discover Dogs area at Crufts 2004, the Podengos hopefully, will have a Breed Stand to promote the Breed for the first time. At the Discover Dogs area, which is hugely popular, they will get good publicity, which will in turn promote the breed in the U.K., which in turn will make them more popular, and so it will make it sooner to have classes at Crufts. 


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