Rosmaninho da Praia do Ribatejo win BIS
Portuguese Podengo Win Lisbon International


Took place in Lisbon in 22 and 23 September 2002 the 102nd Lisbon International Dog Show. The Place was the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes in the heart of the City, organized by the Portuguese Kennel Club with the support of the City hall of Lisbon. There where 1030 dogs representing 143 breeds from several European countries and Portugal. 
Thousands of visitors where present and all could appreciate 34 Podengos from the six varieties together at the same show, that is a rare situation. The  Best In Show goes to the Portuguese Podengo Small smooth-haired "Jp98 Ch Port Ww01 Rosmaninho da Praia do Ribatejo from Luis Vaz de Macedo. Besides the 1st absolute place of the show judged by Miklos Levente of Hungary, Rosmaninho win the Best of the Portuguese Breeds and the Best of the 5th Group. It is the second time in the breed history that a Portuguese Podengo wins an international exhibition. 
The Best dogs was: 1st - "Rosmaninho Da Praia Do Ribatejo" Podengo Português Pêlo Liso Pequeno. Ow: Luis Vaz Macedo (PT);  2nd - "Radjid El Nabil Du Domaine Du Rocherreau" Azawahk. Ow:. Didier Coton (FR) and 3th - "Geminorum Thuban Thaurus" Cão Da Terra Nova. Ow: Daniele Vrees (BE)
This result was an excellent promotion for the breed and a deserved prize for the breeder. The Praia do Ribatejo Kennel from Luis Macedo, win also the Best Breeder Group in the Show. 


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