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Portuguese Podengo Specialty Show 2003 in Finland

Judge with a medium wire-haired

Took place in Finland at July 13, 2003, the Portuguese Podengo Finish Spacialty Show. This event was included on the Finish Sighthound Association, that gather dogs from the FCI group 10 and some breeds from group 5.
The Judge for all Podengos was Ms. Anita Gielisse from Netherlands
There where present 22 podengos (9 small wire; 6 small smooth and 7 medium wire)

Tahtitaivaan Niko(male)  and Tahtitaivaan Saana (female) BOB

The BOB in Small wire-hared went to “Marella Jarra” CH EXC-1, BB, BOB, BOG-4(breeder Hannu Mutanen, Owner Tuija & Petri Hynynen)
The BOB in Small smooth-haired went to: “Tähtitaivaan Saana” CH EXC-1, BB, BOB (breeder Nina Viljanen. Owners Kari Katainen & Heidi Andronoff)
The BOB in Medium wire-haired went to: “Vehkakallion Bemvindo” JUN EXC-1, CAC, BM, BOB (breeder & owner Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka)

Belmex Belisco (male) and Marella Jarra  (female) BOB

Best Breeder Group Small smooth-haired: Kennel Tähtitaivaan
Best Greeder Group Medium wire: Kennel Vehkakallion
It was first time in Finland when the breeder group of medium sized wire-haired podengos was presented.
It was a great success at the group competition for small wire-haired podengos also. The bitch puppy “Ciganita do Vale Negro” achieved the 2nd Best in show puppy.
“Marella Jarra” was the 4th best on group at the FCI group 5 competition. The judge at these groups was Mr. Helmut Nigl from Austria.

Vehkakallion Bemvindo (male) BOB medium wire

Vehkakallion Berta (female) best oposit sex medium wire

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All results from the Podengo Specialty:

SMALL WIRE-HAIRED PODENGOS (entried 4 males + 5 bitches):

Puppy class: 
Ciganita do Vale Negro (bitch) Puppy class 1, honour prize, BOB-
puppy, BIS 2- puppy (breeder Carla Molinari, Portugal. Owners Hannu Mutanen and Petri Hynynen)

Junior class /males:
- Belmex Belisco JUN EXC-1, CAC, BM, BOS (breeder & owner Päivi Lehtonen)

Open class / males:
- Marella Acucar OPEN VG-1 (breeder Hannu Mutanen. Owner Leena & Enni Riikonen)

Champion class / males:
- Marella Marinheiro ABSENT breeder Hannu Mutanen. Owner Jonna Tikka)
- Marella Videira CH VG-1 (breeder Hannu Mutanen. Owner Armi Nummikko-Pelkonen)

Junior class / bitches:
- Belmex Bolota JUN VG-2 (breeder & owner Päivi Lehtonen)
Sandeisan Lambisca JUN EXC-1, CAC(breeder & owner Eija Sandholm)

Champion class / bitches:
- Hirsituvan Kanerva CH EXC-2 (breeder Marke Kärkkäinen. Owner Sari Sandholm)
- Marella Jarra CH EXC-1, BB, BOB, BOG-4 (breeder Hannu Mutanen, Owner Tuija & Petri Hynynen)

SMALL SMOOTH-HAIRED PODENGOS (entried 2 males + 4 bitches)

Open class / males:
- Tähtitaivaan Pluto OPEN VG-1 (breeder Nina Viljanen. Owner Henri Paananen)

Champion class / males:
- Tähtitaivaan Niko CH EXC-1, BM, BOS (breeder Nina Viljanen. Owner Melina Forssell)

Junior class / bitches:
- Lina JUN VG-1 (breeder Heli Taponen. Owner Virpi Koponen)

Intermediate class / bitches:
- Belmex Andorinha INT VG-2 (breeder Päivi Lehtonen. Owner Eija Lammi and Tuisku & Pyry Laine)
- Tähtitaivaan Minni INT VG-1(breeder Nina Viljanen. Owner Kari Katainen)

Champion class / bitches:
- Tähtitaivaan Saana CH EXC-1, BB, BOB (breeder Nina Viljanen. Owners Kari Katainen & Heidi Andronoff)

Breeder class:
- Kennel Tähtitaivaan honour prize, BOB-breeder group

MEDIUM SIZED WIRE-HAIRED PODENGOS (entried 4 males + 3 bitches)

Junior class / males:
- Vehkakallion Bemvindo JUN EXC-1, CAC, BM, BOB(breeder & owner Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka)
- Vehkakallion Ben JUN EXC-2 (breeder & owner Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka)

Champion class / males:
- Pinoqui de Veiros CH EXC-1(breeder Canil deVeiros. Owners Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka)
- Vehkakallion Asterix CH EXC-2 (breeder Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka. Owner Tarja Korkiakoski)

Junior class / bitches:
- Vehkakallion Berta JUN EXC-1, CAC, BB, BOS (breeder Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka. Owner Bella Fagerström & Tintti Salo)

Champion class / bitches:
Vehkakallion Alexandra CH EXC-1 (breeder Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka. Owner Jouni Mulari)
Vehkakallion Amor CH EXC-2 (breeder Martti Väätäinen & Kari Hukka. Owner breeder & Pertti Puhakka)

Breeder class:
- Kennel Vehkakallion honour prize, BOB-breeder group

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