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Portuguese Podengo DVD

There is available the Portuguese Podengo DVD guide. A movie with more than 40 minutes that tell a lot about the breed. This DVD is commercialized by a specialized enterprise “Perfect Pooches Productions” and it is available to any buyer in the internet at the address:  http://www.poochdvd.co.uk
It is full of invaluable information for owners and potential owners alike, with advice on training, behaviour, feeding and the health of your pet, from a cute cuddly puppy to an impressive adult. Informing you about what you should look for and what you should look-out for in your favorite breed. Filmed on Location at Leading UK Kennels. Benefit from the extensive experience & insight of top breeders, exhibitors and breed-judges. Enjoy watching champions as they work and play visually demonstrating this splendid breed. Dog-lovers will enjoy informative presentation as it will enable you to appreciate and understand this wonderful dog!

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