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The World Discover the Portuguese Podengo

Finish Kennel “Marella” wining Breeders Group at  “Jamsa’s” em 2001 

According to the Portuguese Kennel Club official data, there were 336 registry Podengos in Portugal during 2002, being 173 small, 128 medium and 35 big.
These numbers represent a significant decrease of Podengo Portuguese's registry, with less 30% in the small ones, -18,5% in the medium and -5,4% in the big ones. Also in the remaining Portuguese breeds there were less 30% registry dogs in 2002, in comparison with 2001. 
It is known that the Portuguese people don't value their own breeds. Also exists a great indifference in preserving this national patrimony, being this work confined exclusively to few amateur breeders. 
 But while in Portugal, the economic crisis, the bureaucracy, the coasts and the lack of official support to the Portuguese breeds; resulted in a decrease of the registry population, the same doesn't happen in the rest of the world. 
The Portuguese Podengo is an example of that. It is growing the number of registry Podengos and breeders organized groups in Europe, and since 2002 also in Great Britain and USA, where the breed didn't exist previously. 
Each year grows the acceptance of our Podengo as an excellent pet, namely in their small and medium varieties. 

Finish and USA assotiation logos

After the release of Vitor Veiga's book “ O Podengo Português"; due the effort of some breeders and the Portuguese's Podengo Club, and also thanks to shortening of distances made possible by the new technologies; the breed divulgation grows in the last year. 
Several web pages from breeders and other Podengo lovers appearing in the Internet, and have been created a Portuguese Podengo Group of Discussion through e-mail, only dedicated to the race, that in less than one year gathers a hundred members from several countries. 

USA Podengo Assotiation members

This sharing information and internationalisation effort it has been helping in the increase of registry dogs in several countries and increase the organization and share between breeders. This way, the negative tendency verified in Portugal is contradicted outside, this in spite of the foreign Podengos be still few in relation to the totality of the registries in Portugal, where between 1984 and 2002 they were 5179 Podengos from all varieties, 2812 medium, 2061 small and 306 big. However the situation of Big Podengo continues quite preoccupying.

Finnish Association passed the 300 registry Podengos 

Founded in 1997, the Podengo Portuguese's Finnish Association is the most expressive breed organization. This year 2003 passed the 300 registrations in that country: about 200 small smooth-haired; 84 small wire-haired and 14 mediums wire-haired. It is the largest community of Podengos outside Portugal, with more than 30 Finnish Champions, 20 World and European titles and 15 International Titles, besides other titles in several countries outside Finland. The first registry Podengos in this country date from 1990. 
This association, presided by Hannu Mutanen, it have about 60 members and has a Comity for the Breed Improvement.

Karin Schlichter from Denmark and the Medium Smooth "Imperador do Vale do Poço" doing Agillity

The second exclusive Portuguese Podengo organization is the Portuguese Podengo American Club, recently founded in January of 2003, PPAC, with the objectives of promote the breed in the USA and organize the different owners and breeders, whose number is growing in that country. 
The constitution of this Club coincided with the birth in American soil of the first three descending broods of Portuguese dogs, 2 males and 3 females from the wire small variety, increasing the total population of registry Podengos to 30.
Other breeders groups exists at Germany and France with more than 80 and more than 50 registry Podengos respectively. In these countries the breeders join to biggest associations, which include several primitive breeds and greyhound type dogs simultaneously. 

“Amália” from the Dutch kennel  “Kleiheuvel” winning Medium Wire World Champion 2002 

In Germany the Podengo breeders are associated to DWZRD, having actually one medium wire-haired breeder, one small wire-haired and 4 of small smooth-haired.  The number of registry dogs grows up to 50 at 2002. This country counts with 4 national champions and an international one. 
In France the representative organization of the breed is SLAG, where a section of primitive breeds exists. There are 4 active breeders, one of small wire and three of the smooth small variety, from where stands out Gerard Calendrin, also judge of the breed, that possesses the affix "La Folie Myosotis", with a Portuguese champion and other six France champions, among other international titles. Actually exist a total 17 France champions, among other titles. In the total they are more than 80 registry Podengos in France, being about 70 from the small smooth variety. 

Sabine Bäck from germany  with International Champion Small smooth
"Vinha de La Folie Myosotis"

Recently also Great Britain discovered cmall Podengo wirehair. Through the breeder Betty Judge, the race it was introduced at this country in 2002, already counting more than 20 dogs.  The first brood was born in the beginning of 2003: three females and two males from the female Mana da Lapa do Lobo, already European Champion. 
This breeder intends to make the breed official in that country near the UK Kennel Club, where the race still is not recognized and also in Ireland. 

English breeder Betty Judge with European Champion small wire  "Mana da Lapa do Lobo"

Other breeders and owners also emerge in Denmark, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland, where the race begins to have great acceptance. 
To know the links in the Internet from some of this breeders and organizations, we recommended the site that presents an index of connections: http://7mares.terravista.pt/podengos/links.html 
Many of these breeders and organizations are in permanent contact in a constant share of information and experiences through Internet specific Group of Discussion on the breed, with 90 members: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/portuguese_podengo 
Another site of interest that publishes general information and news about the breed in Portuguese and English is at: http://7mares.terravista.pt/podengos


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