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Breeders Found the Portuguese Podengo Club of America

The Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA) was incorporated under the laws of the United States in January, 2003 and was recognized in March by ARBA (the American Rare Breed Association) as the official Club for all three types of Portuguese Podengos (Grande, Médio, Pequeno) and both varieties (smooth and wire hair). 
PPCA is the only official club in America authorized to represent the Portuguese Podengo and is duly incorporated as a non-profit entity.
The Portuguese Podengo will be placed in the Spitz & Primitive Group of the American Rare Breed Association. The breed will be listed in all upcoming breed classifications, catalogs, Internet, and all other papers or media produced by ARBA.
Robert L. Slack, ARBA Director welcome this new Club saying: “It is with great pleasure to inform you that your organization, the Portuguese Podengo Club of America has been accepted by the American Rare Breed Association as its Parent Breed Club for the Portuguese Podengo. It is great to see so many good people on the Board of Directors and Officers of the Club. Welcome to the American Rare Breed Association family, it is an honour to have you as a member”.
The first step to eventual American Kennel Club (AKC) recognition in the future is the recognition of the Portuguese Podengo under its FSS (Foundation Stock Service) program. This request was already made.

First litters born in the EUA

The establishment of the Portuguese Podengo Cub of America coincided with the birth on American soil of the first three descending broods from Portuguese wire small dogs.
The first litter was born on January 18, 2003 with the two males "Alpha" and "Amerigo" in Bramblewood Kennel in upstate New York. The female puppies "Amália da Casa de Maio" and "Anabela da Casa de Maio" were the second litter and were born in Providence, Rhode Island. Last, on February 6, the female "Amor de Porto Novo" was born in Newport, Rhode Island. 


              “Alpha” and  “Amerigo” de Bramblewood                                            “Amália” and  “Anabela” da Casa de Maio

All told, these births bring the count of pure breed Podengos in America to thirty. Of these, nineteen are wire-coated Pequenos. Besides Rhode Island and New York, Podengos now live in New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Iowa, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington, Florida and Nevada.

Making History: The First "Monográfica" 

The Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA) held its first official meeting on April 26, 2003, during the ARBA Cherry Blossom Classic in Washington. PPCA officers elected: 
President: Marilyn Piurek of Newport, Rhode Island
Vice President: Darlene Devaney of Providence, Rhode Island
Secretary: Robert Phillips of Matawan, New Jersey
Treasurer: Bonnie Braun of Scottsdale, Arizona
Directors: Judy Parker of Naples, New York; Dawn Gardner of South Riding, Virginia; Penny Schroeder of Strafford, New Hampshire.

The 1st Podengo Specialty Show occurred also during the Cherry Blossom, which is ARBA's biggest event, well attended by many fine breeds. This was the first Podengo Specialty ever held in the USA.
Nine Podengos were shown and did very well. Many people, including judges, audience, and exhibitors, learned about the breed by seeing the variety represented as well as the photo and informational displays developed for the event, and by speaking with the PP breeders.

Podengo Specialty, Saturday Afternoon: 
Specialty Judge: Marjorie Tuff; BIS Judge: Larry Stein

- ARBA CH Chicharro de Viamonte (Manny): Best of Breed; Best of Group; BIS-Reserve.
- Horacio de Viamonte: Best Dog 6-9 months, Winners Dog; CAC-US; Best of Winners. 
- Farrusco da Casa de São Domingos: Second Place Dog 6-9 months.
- Fadista da Casa de São Domingos: Third Place Dog 6-9 months.
- Donzela de Viamonte: Best Female, Open Class; Winners Bitch; CAC-US, Best of Opposite. 
- Fidalga da Casa de São Domingos: Best Female 6-9 Months.
- Amália da Casa de Maio: Best of Breed Jr. Puppy; Group Two.
- Portobello Garcia da Casa de São Domingos: Second Place Male Puppy 3 – 6 months.
- Amerigo de Bramblewood; First Place Male Puppy 3 – 6 months.

The Podengos did exceptionally well also at Cherry Blossom Classic. “Chicharro de Viamonte” (Manny) won CAC-US points and got Best in Show (BIS) Runner-up (reserve). This was considered the most competitive show in ARBA with many fine dogs presented. The winner of the show where “Manny “was BIS-Runner-up was a Tibetan Mastiff.


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