Breed lovers get together in Holland
Portuguese Podengo Day 2004

Jose Cornelisse    

All together twenty-two Podengo Portuguese Medium with twenty-nine owners had here with the visitors that attend to the Podengo Day 2004 in Holland.
Jose Cornelisse (kennel Fionnmae) told with relish the story about how she brought the Podengo's to the Netherlands eight years ago. After coffee the first 'official' pictures were made: four generations he-dogs and three brothers with two sisters from one litter.
Cynthia Vos and Ank explained how to show dogs and practised testing. There was a little training for how to behave in the ring of which both starters and advanced owners and dogs took part.
The most spectacular part was the "coursing". Not for all dogs exciting in the same degree. Perhaps it is due to the cleverness of the Podengo's, who hunt for living game, that they were not impressed by nasty tricks with a piece of plastic. Tatum Fionnmae (owner Sytske Nykamp) and Alma vd Kleiheuvel (owner fam.vd Haagen) however, were wildly enthusiastic. 
Systke and Cynthia gave in the trim workshop expert explanation on practical basis.
After a Chinese buffet and for "not-drivers" a drink, everybody headed for home "tired but satisfied".
More photos and information at: http://www.vdkleiheuvel.com

Four Portuguese Podengo generations in Holland

Medium Podengo handler training

Photos: http://www.vdkleiheuvel.com 

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