Big Portuguese Podengo smooth haired win agility

Rasa: from the streets to the podium

Rasa has approximately 2 years (in January 2002) and he is a Podengo Português Grande(smooth-haired) living in Portugal. He was found abandoned by Rui Castro when he was about 3 or 4 months old, that welcome him in is home. At the beginning Rui had no idea about his background or breed. Such a beautiful looking animal couldn't give much trouble, Rui thought.
Rasa energy was endless. His teeth and paws were so sharp that he could ruined a door in 10 minutes when left alone. 

Rui began to fell desperate until decide to train him. Obedience training produce some improvements, and after that they booth discover Agility. The results of this mix between love and dedication are outstanding. Rasa become the first Podengo Grande to do agility. But then, after many hours of training, on his 3rd or 4th official trials and after so many treats... Rasa has found a new way to spend his leisure time: jumping in to first place platforms in podiums


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(Rasa Home Page - Pictures can take some time to appear, but they do appear)
(Photos- It is in portuguese on a Brazilian site)
(On this one you can check the final standings)
(Rasa is now on Standard II with the big boys of agility) 
(Rasa is now on Standard II with the big boys of agility)

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