More than 18000 dogs at Dortmund, Germany
Portuguese Podengos at the World Dog Show 2003

Judge at  Females Open ClassSmall smooth-haired

Sabine Bäck and Tuija Hynynem

Took place in Dortmund's “Westfalenhallen” from May 29 to June 1, the German World Dog Show 2003, with 18716 registry dogs from 55 countries.
There where present 20 Portuguese Podengos:  9 small wire, 5 small smooth and 6 medium wire.
The judge Norman Huidobro Corbett from Spain give the titles of World Winner to 10 Podengos.

Elvira do Vale Negro (WW CH) - Female

Belmex Belisco (WW Youth CH) - Male
  Tähtitaivaan Saana (WW CH) - Female
Tähtitaivaan Minni (WW Youth CH) - Female

The Podengo results from the World Dog Show in Dortmund/ Germany:

Podengo Portugues Pequeno rough

 Diamante de Viamonte (WW CH) - Male
Male/Youth class:
Belmex Belisco V1, World Youth Winner, Owner: Lehtonen, Päiyi - Finnland

Male/Open Class:
Diamante de Viamonte V1, Worldwinner, CAC, CACIB, VDH, Owner: Lehtonen, Päiyi - Finnland
Perchotin´s Georgio V2, RCAC, RCACIB, RVDH, Owner: Wyss+ Müller

Femals/ Very Youth class:
Ciganita do Vale Negro, very promising, Owner: Hynynen+Mutanen

Females/ Youth class:
Lambisca, V1 World Youth Winner, Owner: Eija and Kopohen - Finnland

Females/ Open class:
Elvira do Vale Negro, V1, Worldwinner, CAC, CACIB, VDH, BOB, Owner: 
Penoncelli, Alfio - Italy
Ally Archetype, V2, RCACIB, RCAC, RVDH, Owner: Müller
Antonieta Archetype, SG3, Owner: Reitzenstein

Females/ Champions class:
Marella Jarra, V1 VDH, Owner: Tuija+ Petri
Perola de Vale Negro V2, RVDH, Owner: Müller

Elvira do Vale Negro Wining the World Title

Podengo Portugues Pequeno smooth

Tähtitaivaan Saana
Male/ Champion class: 
Tähtitaivaan Simo, V1, Owner: Paananen

Females/ Youth class:
Tähtitaivaan Minni, V1 World Youth Winner, Owner: Katainen, Kari - Finnland

Females/ Champion class:
Tähtitaivaan Serenade, V1, VDH, RCACIB, Owner: Paananen

Females/ Open class:
Tähtitaivaan Saana, Worldwinner, V1,CACIB, CAC, VDH, BOB, Owner: Katainen and Adronoff - Finnland
Donna Doria, V2, RCAC, RVDH, Owner: Sanders- Saathoff
Kontrapunkt Biografia, V3

Podengo Portugues Medio rough

        Fareone Fionnmae BOB_WW03 (female)
Male/ Youth class:
Mc Gavin´s Wish, V1,World Youth Winner Owner: Nijkamp, Sytske - Deutschland

Male/ Champion class:
Vehkakallion Asterix, V1, World Winner CACIB, VDH, Owner: Korkiakoski, Tarja - Finnland

Females/ Youth class: 
Vehkakallion Bella, World Youth Winner, V1, Owner: Cornelisse, Jim - Netherland

Females/ Champion class:
Bürste de Veiros, V1, RCACIB, VDH, Owner: Saurer

Females/ Open class:
Fareone Fionnmae, World Winner,V1 CAC, VDH, CACIB, BOB, Owner: Nijkamp, B. T.  - Deuttschland
Mc Gavin´s Xacara, SG2
Vehkakallion Asterix WW03 (male)
Vehkakallion Bella JWW03 (female)
McGavin´s Wish JWW03 (male)

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